Supporting Local Farmers

Supporting Local Farmers

locally reared high welfare lambs

Dales Butchers - Supporting Local Farmers

At Dales Butchers, we have a proud tradition of supporting our local farmers and we’re really pleased to bring you news about some fabulous local produce we’ll have available for you from this weekend.

Hampshire Down Lamb

The Galbraith family have been farming at Endmoor for four generations. As well as being beef and dairy farmers, they also rear Hamshire Down sheep. 

In the restaurant and butchery world, Hampshire Down lamb is renowned for its excellent quality and flavour. Having slightly higher fat levels than many other breeds gives a nice marbling to the meat, which really packs in flavour and succulence, and gives this lamb a wonderfully, delicate sweetness. 

We know these are difficult times and it’s not too easy accessing the shop at the moment. However, if you’d like to secure yourself a supply of this delicious lamb, please bear in mind that it’s only a limited supply and you’ll need to be quick.

Email or phone in your order today and ask for Hampshire Down lamb!

Galloway Beef

Many of you who live locally may have heard of Mansergh Hall Farm and could possibly know them for serving up their delicious hog-roast at the town’s weekly market. For 25 years, this family-run farm has produced excellent quality meats, including, grass-fed lamb and beef, and outdoor reared pork. 


Galloway breed cows reared on a Cumbria farm

Available from this weekend will be a limited supply of their fabulous, grass-fed, Galloway beef. Galloway beef is also renowned for its great marbling, which produces a great taste and tenderness in the meat.

Again, to avoid disappointment, you can email or phone your order.

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