Local Beef for a Traditional St George’s Day Feast from Dales Butchers

Local Beef for a Traditional St George’s Day Feast from Dales Butchers

Slices of a perfectly roasted boneless rib of beef joint on a wooden chopping board.

St George’s Day is an important celebration in England, and what better way to celebrate English culture and tradition than getting together with family and friends over a traditional roast beef dinner? At Dales Butchers, we’re committed to sourcing only the finest locally farmed beef from trusted suppliers, ensuring you enjoy the tastiest, high-quality meat with a great provenance.

Best Cuts of Beef for Roasting

When it comes to roasting beef, there are several cuts that work particularly well.

Rib joints, both on and off the bone, are a popular choice for their rich, meaty flavour and succulent texture. Sirloin, both on and off the bone, is another versatile cut that can be cooked to various degrees of doneness, and is prized for its tenderness and flavour. For those on a budget, silverside and topside are great value alternatives that are still delicious when roasted properly. These cuts are leaner than rib and sirloin, but can still be really tasty when seasoned well and cooked to medium-rare or medium.

BEST EVER Yorkshire Puddings

No roast beef dinner is complete without a delicious Yorkshire pudding, and we’ve got just the recipe to take your meal to the next level. This double award-winning recipe has been tried and tested to offer the perfect texture and unbeatable flavour to perfectly complement our delicious locally farmed beef.

With just a handful of simple ingredients and a little bit of practice, you’ll be able to create Yorkshire puddings that are fit for any occasion, from St George’s Day to your next family gathering. 

freshly baked and beautifully risen Yorkshire puddings in the baking tray

St George's Day Exclusive Offer

To celebrate St George’s Day, we’re offering a 5% discount on all products in-store this Friday and Saturday (21st and 22nd April), exclusively for our Butchers Club card holders.

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This is the perfect opportunity to stock up on our locally farmed beef, as well as our range of other meat and poultry products. And don’t forget about our award-winning pies and sausages, which are the perfect addition to any St George’s Day feast.

So come on down to Dales Butchers this St George’s Day, and let us help you celebrate with the finest local meat and traditional English fare. Whether you’re planning a family feast or just looking for a delicious meal, we have everything you need to make the day special.

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