Heritage Breed Beef

Heritage Breed Beef

Supporting Local Farmers

At Dales Butchers, we’re very proud to always source our meat from farms as local as possible to Kirkby Lonsdale, which includes farms in Cumbria, the Yorkshire Dales and North Lancashire. Quite often, buying our meat directly from the farmer.

The benefit of this is that we get to choose prime quality, higher welfare meat that’s reared on a much smaller scale than the meat you’ll generally find in the supermarket chiller cabinets. Also, it means we occasionally get the option to secure some fabulous tasting meat that comes from best heritage breeds.

One of the farms we occasonally deal with is based in Swaledale, where they rear a breed of cattle called British White. The British White is a native breed to Lancashire and descended from the white park cattle of mediaeval, 16th and 17th century times.

High Welfare, Grass-Fed

The herd we have secured this limited amount of beef from is completely grass fed and slow growing, free from antibiotics or hormones, and reared on traditional pastures and hay, with no artificial fertilisers and no fattening on grain or soya. The cattle go into the barns for the winter and graze the riverside pasture during the summer. The beef is reared for a full 30 months, a year longer than most commercial beef and they try to make sure they have a good life as part of a happy, well looked after herd. 

Arise ‘Sir Loin’

There’s also a popular legend attached to the British White breed of cattle, whereby it’s associated with the story of where the cut of meat ‘sirloin’ got its name and you can read about this on the BBC website.

Don’t Miss Out

What does this mean to you, the consumer, you may ask?

Basically, slower grown, higher welfare, grass-fed beef generally translates into the very best tasting and most succulent eating meat, and most definitely worth getting hold of when you get the chance.

The beef is currently maturing in our Himalayan Salt Chamber, but it will be available in the shop from next Thursday, October 8th. If you’d like to reserve any particular cuts (a juicy steak or two, perhaps a lovely roasting joint), I urge you to give us a call soon and put your name on some.

Call the shop today: 015242 71278

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