Get Fired Up for National BBQ Week: Tips, Tricks, and Delicious Recipes

Get Fired Up for National BBQ Week: Tips, Tricks, and Delicious Recipes

Food cooking on a nigh time BBQ with friends sat around a table in the background

Sizzling Goodness

If you haven’t already dusted off your BBQ, then National BBQ Week is the perfect time to get started with some outdoor cooking. With the weather warming up (fingers crossed) and longer days ahead, there’s no better way to enjoy this time of year than by gathering friends and family together for a tasty al-fresco meal. Not only does BBQ offer a different taste experience to indoor cooking, it also creates the perfect atmosphere for relaxed, social entertaining.

Chimney Starters for the Perfect BBQ

a chimney starter sat on the grill of a bbq with glowing coals inside

Using a chimney starter and natural wood wool firelighters not only produces a healthier and more natural flame, but it also makes lighting your BBQ easier than ever before. Simply place the firelighters in the base of the chimney, fill the top with charcoal and light the firelighters. 

The natural draught effect created by the chimney quickly ignites the charcoal, allowing you to avoid the hassle and unpleasant taste of using lighter fluid. Once you’ve experienced the benefits of using a chimney starter, you’ll never go back to the old way of lighting a BBQ.

Top BBQ Tricks to Impress Your Guests

  1. Marinate the meat for at least 30 minutes before cooking to add flavour and tenderise it.
  2. Keep a spray bottle of water nearby to help control flare-ups and prevent charring.
  3. Use a meat thermometer to check the internal temperature of the meat and ensure it’s fully cooked.
  4. Wait until the coals are covered in white ash before cooking. This ensures they are at the right temperature and ready to cook on.
  5. Use a two-zone cooking method, where one side of the grill is hotter than the other, to cook meats evenly and avoid burning.

Choosing the Best Cuts of Meat for the BBQ

When it comes to cooking over coals, selecting the right cuts of meat is essential for achieving the best flavour and texture.  Choose cuts with good marbling and a moderate amount of fat, as this will help to keep the meat moist and juicy. Beef brisket, pork ribs, lamb chops, and chicken thighs are all great options for BBQ cooking.

Delicious Menu Ideas for Your BBQ Week Celebrations

Looking for inspiration for your National BBQ Week menu? Look no further than these delicious meat and side dish suggestions that are sure to impress your guests and take your BBQ to the next level.


  • Classic burgers made with high-quality beef
  • Sticky pork ribs
  • Spatchcock chicken marinated in lemon and herbs
  • Lamb kofta kebabs
  • Slow-cooked beef brisket

Side Dishes:

  • Classic coleslaw with a tangy dressing
  • Grilled corn on the cob with garlic butter
  • Hasselback potatoes with rosemary and sea salt
  • Grilled asparagus with lemon and parmesan
  • Charred vegetable skewers with a balsamic glaze

Happy BBQing

So there you have it, some great ideas to help you make the most of National BBQ Week. We hope that our tips and menu suggestions will inspire you to fire up your BBQ and enjoy the best of British BBQ. So get outside, gather your friends and family, and let the good times roll! Wishing you all a wonderful National BBQ Week!

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