Enhancing Flavours and Tenderness

Enhancing Flavours and Tenderness

Owner, Mark Duckworth showing off his Himalayan salt wall dry-ageing chamber at Dales Butchers in Cumbria

The Himalayan Salt Wall at Dales Butchers

At Dales Butchers, we take pride in delivering the finest quality meat to our customers. So, in our commitment to excellence, we’ve incorporated a Himalayan Salt Wall into our dry-ageing process, ensuring that our customers experience the best possible flavours and tenderness in our meats. Today, we’d like to share with you the benefits of our Himalayan Salt Wall and how it enhances the dry-ageing process, resulting in an extraordinary culinary experience.

a quality cut of dry aged steak on a dark grey slate

Optimal Humidity

During the dry-ageing process, controlling the humidity within the ageing chamber is crucial. Our salt wall system plays a vital role in maintaining the desired humidity range of 61% to 85%. The hygroscopic properties of salt attract moisture from the surrounding environment, effectively regulating the relative humidity. This optimal environment facilitates the growth of beneficial moulds, such as Thamnidium, which contributes to the breakdown of muscle, fat, and sinew, leading to the remarkable tenderness and flavour of dry-aged beef.

Restricting Bacterial Growth

To ensure the quality and safety of our dry-aged meats, it is essential to restrict the growth of unwanted bacteria. The Himalayan Salt Wall further aids in this process by creating an environment that inhibits the proliferation of harmful bacteria. By reducing bacterial growth, our salt wall system enhances the maturation process while allowing beneficial moulds to thrive. These moulds contribute to the production of enzymes that break down the meat, intensifying the natural flavours and enhancing the overall dining experience.

Extraordinary Flavour Profiles

Dry-aged steaks are renowned for their unique and complex flavour profiles. The extended ageing process allows for the gradual breakdown of proteins, carbohydrates, and fatty tissues, resulting in remarkable taste transformations. The release of amino acids and sugars adds sweetness and umami notes to the meat, while aromatic fatty acids contribute to a rich and buttery flavour. Additionally, the reduction of excess water in the meat concentrates the flavours, creating a sensory delight that is distinct to dry-aged beef.

Commitment to Quality

At Dales Butchers, our commitment to offering the best produce for miles around is at the heart of everything we do. By incorporating a Himalayan Salt Wall into our dry-ageing process, we ensure that our customers savour the exceptional flavours, tenderness, and unique characteristics that set our meats apart. The careful selection of locally farmed meat from trusted farmers, combined with our dedication to enhancing the dry-ageing process, allows us to deliver an unrivalled dining experience for our valued customers.

We invite you to experience the remarkable quality and taste of our dry-aged meats and discover the difference that our commitment to excellence makes. Visit our shop or shop online today and indulge in the finest selection of locally sourced and expertly prepared meats.

two thick beef steaks cooking on a charcoal grill

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