A Sizzling Adventure:

A Sizzling Adventure:

"Parrillada" Argentine barbecue beef steaks and sausages cooking over hot coals

Exploring International BBQ Traditions

As we find ourselves navigating through yet another unpredictable British summer, with its occasional downpours and grey skies, it’s no surprise that our BBQ plans can often be thwarted. But fear not, fellow foodies and BBQ enthusiasts, because at Dales Butchers, we believe in making the most of every moment and turning any day into a sizzling culinary adventure!

So, let’s embark on a mouthwatering journey to discover the rich and diverse traditions of BBQ from around the world. In this blog, we’ll take you on an epicurean exploration to Argentina, South Africa, and India, where BBQ isn’t just a cooking method, but a celebration of culture, community, and exquisite flavours.

Argentina - Embrace the Flair of Asado

Asado, the celebrated Argentine BBQ tradition, is a carnivore’s dream come true. In Argentina, grilling is not just a cooking method; it’s a way of life. The asado gathering brings friends and family together to savour the slow-cooked goodness of beef, the crown jewel of Argentine cuisine. Here, the art of grilling becomes a ritual, with each cut of meat carefully selected and prepared to perfection.

Ribeye Steaks with Chimichurri Sauce

Indulge in the succulent tenderness of ribeye steaks, seasoned with chimichurri — a vibrant blend of herbs and spices. This recipe promises a flavour explosion that will transport your taste buds straight to the pampas of Argentina.

Click here for the recipe!

A wooden cutting board topped with Asado - grilled beef, served with chimichurri sauce

South African Braii - Community and Flavour

South African Braii is not merely a method of cooking; it’s a vibrant celebration of community, culture, and the great outdoors.

The method of Braii cooking is as much an art form as it is a culinary technique. It involves grilling meat, often marinated in tasty sauces or spice rubs, over an open flame or hot coals. The cooking process is slow and steady, allowing the meats to absorb the smoky essence of the fire while retaining their natural tenderness and juiciness.

One of the signature dishes of Braii is boerewors, a type of sausage made with a blend of beef, pork, and a mix of traditional South African spices, like coriander, cloves, and nutmeg. Boerewors is coiled into a spiral shape before being cooked, and the spirals are a common sight on South African grills.

South African braai. Braai including boerewors sausage, lamb chops and chicken kebabs. Including mielie or corn on the cob cooking over charcoal

Boerewors Sausages with Chakalaka Relish

Get ready to embark on a South African culinary. At Dales Butchers, our mouthwatering Boerewors sausage are expertly crafted with a blend of beef, pork, and traditional spices and to make them even more unforgettable, give this delightful Chakalaka Relish recipe a try – a spicy and tangy accompaniment that perfectly complements the smoky richness of our Boerewors sausages. 

Click here for the recipe!

India - Unleash the Symphony of Spices

Prepare your palate for an explosion of flavours as we journey to the vibrant land of India. Tandoor grilling is a culinary marvel that delivers a symphony of spices infused into tender meats, tantalising the senses with every bite. In the traditional tandoor oven, meats and breads are cooked at high temperatures, producing an exquisite smoky aroma and a deliciously charred exterior.

But fear not if you don’t have a tandoor oven at home, because you can still capture the essence of this ancient cooking method right on your BBQ! The secret lies in marinating the meats with a medley of aromatic spices and yogurt to tenderise and infuse them with bold flavors. Then, cook them over direct heat on the bbq, allowing the high temperatures to create that coveted charred exterior. The result? Tender, juicy, and incredibly tasty dishes that will transport you straight to the bustling streets of India.

Spicy tandoori chicken wings with raita.

Tandoori Chicken with Mint Raita

Experience the magic of tandoori chicken, marinated in a fragrant blend of spices and yogurt, resulting in tender, succulent pieces. Serve with refreshing mint raita to balance the spices and take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey to the Indian subcontinent.

Click here for the recipe!

So there you have it, a tantalising glimpse into the diverse and vibrant BBQ traditions of Argentina, South Africa, and India. Now, let’s keep our fingers crossed for the return of the British summer and the opportunity to fire up our BBQs once again. When you do get chance, don’t forget to share your BBQ cooking exploits on our social media channels using the hashtag #DalesBBQJourney

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